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There is nothing quite like a good, cold sandwich on a hot day, in my personal opinion, and the Great Outdoors is always a great place to get a delicious sandwich. Although there are a few varieties that really tickle my fancy, there is one sandwich that is sort of my go-to choice from the Great Outdoors: The Turkey & Roast Beef Sandwich.

The Great Outdoors is everything a classic deli should be. They funnel you through a line, making everything you order right as the words escape your mouth. They pull the meat and cheese out of the refrigerator, and cut it with the big meat slicer. They are quite liberal when it comes down to how much meat they put on the bread. Speaking of bread, I generally go with wheat bread on most of my sandwiches, but when I go to the Great Outdoors, I cannot help but order the white bread. It is always freshly baked, soft, and rich with flavor. Lastly, each and every ingredient that graces the top of the sandwich is always pristine and full of zest.Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors Turkey & Roast Beef Sandwich: Turkey, Roast Beef, Swiss Cheese, The Works, Pickles, Campfire Mayo & Spicy Mustard on White Bread

As I mentioned earlier, I like to order an old fashioned turkey and roast beef sandwich from the Great Outdoors. There is nothing too terribly fancy about it. Now, they do have some sandwiches that seem pretty fancy, like The Outdoorsman and the Outdoor BBQ sandwich, but I like to keep it pretty simple for the most part. It is also entirely different than the sandwich that I had at Carshon’s Deli. I must say, I highly recommend the sandwich the way that I order it. Although it is fairly simple, it can get a bit complicated towards the end when it boils down to all of the toppings that I add, so bear with me.

Great Outdoors | Turkey and Roast Beef SandwichHere is what I order: Turkey and roast beef, on white bread. Provolone is the cheese that comes standard on all sandwiches, but I change the game by ordering swiss cheese instead. It’s just more my style. Simple, right? Here’s where you need to pay attention. From here, I get The Works, which is “the suggested dressing for subs and salads” according to the folks at the Great Outdoors. This includes lettuce, red onions, ripe tomatoes, wine vinegar, salad oil, oregano, parmesan, and salt. At this point, you have a few additional options to add to the mix. For me, I like to add pickles, their homemade Campfire Mayo and spicy mustard. All of this together makes for a wonderful combination for the taste buds. The salad oil and wine vinegar give the sandwich a unique taste, and even softens the sandwich even more because of the juices. Then, the Campfire Mayo and spicy mustard provide a little extra kick towards that end that brings the whole thing together.

Great Outdoors | Turkey and Roast Beef SandwichLet me take a couple of steps back and give my thoughts on why this is such a great sandwich. First and foremost is the meat and cheese. Obviously, this is an integral part of any and every sandwich. Not only are the meats freshly sliced and well seasoned, but they are cold. Not hurting your teeth cold, but cold enough to cool you down. To me, this makes all the difference. The cheese, which has a pungent swiss cheese taste, does the exact same thing. So, the Great Outdoors is doing something right so far. The other ingredients that put this sandwich above many others is the Campfire Mayo. My basic understanding of the Campfire Mayo is that it is like a chipotle mayonnaise. Whatever it may be, I can tell you that it has a great kick as well as the perfect spicy flavor to complement all of the other ingredients on this sandwich. The sandwich just wouldn’t be the same without it. The spicy mustard also provides a nice flair, but not quite the same way that the Campfire Mayo does.

What do you think? Do you agree with me on the greatness of the Great Outdoors? What is your favorite sandwich? Let me know in the comments below.

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