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I was recently going to meet a friend for lunch, and he recommended that we go to Carshon’s Deli.  ”It’ll be great for the blog” he said.  I had never been to Carshon’s Deli before, much less even heard of it, so I was definitely on board with trying something new.

When we arrived, it definitely had the look and feel of a classic place that has been around for ages.  Apparently, I was right.  As you walk in, there is a counter where you can order meats and/or desserts, and if you keep walking, you get to the section for seating.  Although it is a small place, it was actually bigger than it looked from the outside.

Carshon’s Deli is one of the oldest restaurants in Fort Worth, Texas, and certainly is the oldest deli in Fort Worth.  It was established in 1928 by David Carshon, a Jewish immigrant.  Carshon’s is a kosher style deli today – and the only one in Fort Worth.

Upon first glance, I was quite impressed with the resumé that Carshon’s has under their belt.  For starters, they have been in business since 1928, claim to be the oldest deli in Fort Worth, the only kosher deli in Fort Worth, and they have been featured in Texas Monthly Magazine a mere 36 times since the summer of 2001!

Bagel Chips and Deli Mustard

After I got over my feeling of inferiority, I started gazing at the menu to decide what I would like to fill my empty belly.  After carefully combing over the menu, I settled on The Ruthie Sandwich, which is one of their specialty sandwiches.  Honestly, I wasn’t exactly sure of what I was getting myself into with this one.  I elected for the roast beef option, however, I am a recent convert to cole slaw, and I don’t recall ever having Russian dressing before.  Needless to say, I decided to go out on a limb.

The Ruthie Sandwich: Choice of corned beef or roast beef plus turkey, cole slaw and Russian dressing layered on three pieces of rye, grilled.

Shortly after placing our order, our sandwich was delivered.  I failed to mention earlier that along with the Ruthie Sandwich, I ordered a side of bagel chips.  On the table is a small mason jar full of their homemade deli mustard.  I commenced my eating process with the bagel chips.  My buddy told me to put some of the deli mustard on the side of my plate, and dip the bagel chips in them.  This was a surprisingly good start.  The bagel chips were very fresh and crispy, and the mustard on top of them did a wonderful job of combining the flavors to really please the taste buds.

The Ruthie Sandwich from Carshon's DeliAfter a few chips, I proceeded to start nomming on my sandwich for a little while.  By the looks of what sat on the table before me, I felt that I was in for a real treat with this double decker.  After compressing the sandwich a bit with my tight squeeze, I take the first bite.  The combination of both the turkey and roast beef, the mustard, cole slaw, onions and rye bread just exploded.  The meats were delicious, the cole slaw was freshly made, the onions gave it that little kick (like the one I mentioned in the post about my experience at Sassy Hot Dogs) that we all know and love, and the bread was toasted just right.  As I took my second bite, I started to get confused by a specific flavor that I just couldn’t figure out. Another bite, more confusion.  Bite, confusion.  At this point, I am truly perplexed.  I am seriously enjoying the sandwich, but something is throwing me for a loop with every bite.  Then it hit me.  Remember a little while ago when I said I had never had Russian dressing before?  This was indeed the flavor that I just couldn’t put my finger on.  With every sequential bite, I am still trying to figure out this Russian dressing.  It is sort of sweet, but sort of bold, and I just couldn’t quite form an opinion of the dressing.  Honestly, trying to get a grasp on the Russian dressing really diverted my attention of the rest of the sandwich.

All in all, here is my synopsis: I truly thought the sandwich was great.  I often find myself craving a really fresh sandwich, especially on the hot summer days of Fort Worth.  Truth be told, I would definitely order this sandwich again, the only thing I would change is the Russian dressing.  In my personal opinion, I just think it would be much better without it. However, if you like Russian dressing, then you will really love this sandwich as is.  Like I said, I went out on a limb, and overall I was pretty pleased.

What are your thoughts?  Have you been to Carshon’s Deli before?  Do you like Russian dressing?  Speak your mind in the comments below.

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